On the 11th of March 2021, I participated in the panel ‘Designing and Developing Human-Centred Digital Transformation‘ during the Hacking HR’s 2021 Global Online Conference.

Here is a summary of the sessions combining Alex Tan’s notes, the moderator, and mine.

1) We are living in a new tech revolution. Digital Transformation is here to stay; we need to embrace and leverage this change positively.

2) It is always about the people, regardless of whatever transformation we are trying to achieve, we can’t do it without putting our people first. We need to engage, encourage, coach, train, and support our team.

3) Digital transformation activity is increasing very rapidly. During 2020, the percentage of citizen digital transactions with Catalonia’s local governments has doubled from the previous year (from 35% to 75). However, it’s important to be sensitive to ensure inclusivity from all sectors, age, social and economic demographics.

4) We can’t truly say for sure the true impact of digital transformation, but we know for sure it will be significant. We need to continue to experiment, assess, learn, pivot, and adapt.

5) Focusing on Human-Centeredness means striving to understand citizens’ needs, expectations, and frustrations. If we know these, we will be able to deliver outstanding solutions for both citizens and government. 

6) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality in our lives, and it is creating amazing opportunities to be more efficient and provide better public services. But it comes with exceptional new risks about cybersecurity, data privacy, and ethics. We have to be aware of the extraordinary dimension of these risks. We have to be very humble: we don’t know the specifics, scale, and impact of these risks. Furthermore, we need think-tanks and specialized agencies that provide us with guides, recommendations, best practices, and turn-key solutions that help us minimize them.