Miquel Estapé

Passionate about driving the digital government transformation and fostering public innovation for the common good


Congresses, conferences, summits, and workshops in which I have participated as a keynote speaker, panelist, presenter, moderator or contributor

  • 2020 Open Expo Virtual Experience (international, online)
  • 2020 World Forum Digital (international, online)
  • 2020 Value Co-creation, Innovation and Digital Transformation in Public Services (Alcalà de Henares, Spain)
  • 2020 Future Blockchain Summit (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • 2020 Big Data & Artificial Intelligence World (London, UK)
  • 2020 Barcelona Digital Festival (Barcelona)
  • 2020 Digital Future Society (Barcelona)
  • 2020 Blockchain Technology World (London, UK)
  • 2020 Smart Catalonia Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2020 Open Data Day (Barcelona)
  • 2019 NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit (Houston, USA)
  • 2019 Intelligent Cities Summit (Toronto, Canada)
  • 2019 Local Open Governments Conference (Barcelona)
  • 2019 Digital Government Congress of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2019 Blockchain Expo Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 2019 Smart Cities Summit (Dublin, Ireland)
  • 2019 Smart governments for smart cities (London, UK)
  • 2019 Internet of Things Expo Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 2019 Smart Governments (Hospitalet de Llobregat)
  • 2019 IESE Barcelona. Blockchain in Government (Barcelona)
  • 2108 Singapore OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018 (Singapore)
  • 2018 Blockchain Expo Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 2108 Universite Europeenne Innovation Publique (Aix, France)
  • 2108 Technology Excellence Week Europe (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • 2018 Internet of Things Expo Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 2018 Open Expo Europe (Madrid)
  • 2018 European General Data Protection Regulation Telecommunications Engineering Association of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2018 European General Data Protection Regulation. Mollet city hall (Mollet)
  • 2017 Alastria Blockchain alliance presentation (Barcelona)
  • 2017 Digital government transformation. Public Sector CIO Convex (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • 2017 Smart City InFocus (Yinchuan, China)
  • 2017 Mobile Connect summit. GSMA (London, UK)
  • 2107 Digital government challenges for businesses. CEOE: Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organization (Madrid)
  • 2017 Open government and city planning. EAPC: Public Administration School of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2017 Big data in the public sector. ESADE, executive business school (Barcelona)
  • 2017 Mobile digital identity. Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2017 Trust & credibility between public authorities and citizens. Think outside box. Gabinete Ceres (Reus)
  • 2016 Open Government. Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2016 Benchmarking Strategic Public Management. INET (Strasbourg, France)
  • 2016 Public Innovation Forum. Wolters Kluwer. Mon San Benet (Barcelona)
  • 2016 e-Invoicing. Exchange Summit (Barcelona)
  • 2016 e-Government Users Meeting. Audifilm. Les Comes de Sererols (Barcelona)
  • 2016 Open government. CNIS: Digital public services and Innovation Congress (Madrid)
  • 2016 Social services digital transformation. CNIS: Digital public services and Innovation Congress (Madrid)
  • 2016 Open government conference. Terrassa City Hall (Terrassa)
  • 2015 Mobile digital identity. Digital Government Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2015 Innovation and Democracy conference. EAPC: Public Administration School of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2015 Records and Document Management Congress. Catalan Records and Document Management Society (Barcelona)
    2015 Evaluation of digital public services impact. Socinfo (Barcelona)
    2015 Mobile digital identity strategy. Digital Government Congress (Barcelona)
    2015 Open government practical implementation. EAPC: Public Administration School of Catalonia (Barcelona)
    2015 Electronic invoicing. Catalan Chambers of Commerce (Barcelona)
  • 2014 Digital Darwinism. HLB International Conference (Barcelona)
    2014 e-Procurement conference. ACM: Catalan Municipalities Association (Barcelona)
  • 2014 Catalan e-invoicing success case. AMETIC: Spanish Association of Digital Companies (Madrid)
  • 2014 Using New Technologies in the Public Sector. European Union (Tallin, Estonia)
  • 2014 Digital transformation. ASLAN: Internet & Telecommunications Suppliers Society (Madrid)
  • 2014 Mobile e-government services. Socinfo (Barcelona)
  • 2014 Mobile identification service for the Catalan Health Government. Mobile Word Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2014 Electronic invoicing initiative of Catalonia. Consulting Firms Society (Barcelona)
  • 2013 Modernising public administration conference. European Union (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 2013 Mobile public services. Socinfo (Barcelona)
  • 2103 e-Invoicing conference. AOC: Open Government of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2012 Electronic Invoicing meeting with the pharma industry (Barcelona)
  • 2011 Mobile digital identity workshop. Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)
  • 2010 Internet, law & politics congress. UOC: Open University of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • 2009 e-Government meeting. Diputació of Barcelona (Barcelona)
  • 2007 e-Government forum. European Union (Italy)
  • 2007 e-Government Meeting (Castelldefels)
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